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The Irresistible Urges band is an Edinburgh based international gigging band, performance and recording collective. The album was always going to be titled “2020:Visions” even before the pandemic. “2020” in the sense of clear vision. The year before the band performed at and produced several benefits for causes close to our hearts promoting mutual aid. The album began to take place with recording sessions with the gigging ensemble and contributions from some of our friends. The record was to have been finished early in 2020, then the pandemic intervened delaying the record for months.

Miguel worked closely with Terry Anderson at Glasgow Comic Art Studio and Tommy Ross Illustration in Glasgow to produce the cover art and graphic layout. Liz Tainsh Photography  in Edinburgh contributed photos from our last 2019 gig at the Refugee Benefit at Leith Depot . Working with Lisa Edwards at Key Production in London we navigated the pandemic delays and the CDs and vinyl albums are finally produced.

  1. Banana World The Irresistible Urges 3:26
  2. Swimming With The Sharks The Irresistible Urges 3:58
  3. The Pickaxe Man The Irresistible Urges 5:45
  4. Formaldehyde The Irresistible Urges 3:01
  5. The Emotion Tax The Irresistible Urges 4:55
  6. City The Irresistible Urges 4:18
  7. Harbour Street The Irresistible Urges 5:15
  8. The Winds of London The Irresistible Urges 4:40
  9. Hey Nikki Nico The Irresistible Urges 3:00
  10. Railway Bill The Irresistible Urges 4:52
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