2020:VISIONS – The Winds of London


TRACK 8 (4:38)


TRACK 8 – The Winds of London (4:38)

Bridget Kelly Quinn – Vocals
Miguel Orgel – Guitars
Chris Agnew – Bass
Mikey Cameron – Drums, percussion and synthesizer
John Sampson – Recorder

Album produced by Mikey Cameron and Miguel Orgel.
All songs engineered by Mikey Cameron at Z Studio, Tonegarden in Summerhall, Edinburgh.
Some additional engineering by Alex Fenton and William MacConnachie at Swanfield Studio, Leith on Harbour Street, Emotion Tax and Railway Bill and some additional vocal engineering by Aneshka Pelowska on Banana World and Harbour Street.
All songs: Lyrics and music Miguel Orgel (except Formaldehyde lyrics Miguel Orgel and music Miguel Orgel and Garth Leerer).

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